About Me

BC Homeopath - Christa Armstrong

Bellis perennis from the Compositae family is a remedy used for injuries to the trunk of the body.

My daughter was treated successfully with Homeopathy over 15 years ago by a Medical Doctor who specialized in Homeopathic Medicine. I was delighted about the outcome and given an insight into the importance of Homeopathy in healthy living. I also received a remedy for whooping cough and within a day after taking the remedy the cough had subsided!

The wonderful experience of my daughter’s improvement by an empathetic Homeopath led me to study and practice this wonderful Medical Healing Art and Science. My practice is guided by the intent to truly bring deep healing to suffering people. I first studied at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy for 3 years. This was followed by a two year Master Clinician Course. I have practiced Homeopathy since January 2000. I also continuously attend seminars with world leading teachers in Homeopathy. I use various analytical approaches and methodologies to come up with effective and deep prescriptions for my patients. I am also registered with the B.C. Society of Homeopaths.