Sunflower - Homeopathic Remedy

The Sunflower is one of many substances made into a homeopathic remedy.

To prescribe a remedy which is curative, the medicine has to be individualized to the person suffering those symptoms. The aim of a session is to gain an understanding of how the symptom(s) (or disease) affects you and how you experience them, e.g., each person experiences a headache differently, such as; one person might have a throbbing pain starting at 9 am which lasts all day and then subsides in the evening. This means that each of the 10 people who suffer from headaches each will get a different remedy based on their individual symptoms. The symptoms are never seen in isolation but in context to the whole human being.

The first consultation is up to two hours long and follow up sessions are up to 45 minutes long.

In the first few months I see the patient more often and as his/her health improves there are less appointments necessary. The goal of homeopathic treatment is that the patient returns to health and is not dependent on any treatment form including Homeopathy (see What Patients Say).