What Patients Say

“Since I have been in homeopathic treatment with Christa Armstrong I changed into a different person. I feel very well now after years of suffering from Crohns disease. When I was sick, I felt there was no way out. I was deathly ill and spend much time throughout the years in hospitals; I was not able to work anymore due to the symptoms of Crohns. Now the tiredness is gone and my physical and mental strength is back. I am completely healthy since 2004.

My whole life changed for the better. For the last six years I had no symptoms of Crohns, after having had the disease since the late eighties. I am not on any medications and my surgery was cancelled, which was many times suggested due to the severity of my symptoms. I am able to work full time again and I designed and built my dream home after I became well with Homeopathy.

After successful treatment my family and friends were in awe. They witnessed a fundamental turnaround. When people tell me about their physical or emotional suffering I tell them to seek homeopathic treatment with Christa Armstrong. Several family members have also been successfully treated by Christa.”

– Karl Wangler, 46 years old

“I suffered from menopausal hot flushes and severe perspiration. I needed to change my clothing 3 times a night. Within a few days after taking one dose of a homeopathic remedy the hot flushes and perspiration were gone.”

– Woman, 53 years old

“Approximately 20 years ago I was suffering from severe bouts of allergies. After several tests it was determined that I had minor reactions to a wide range of allergens however modern medicine could not explain why I was so severely affected to the point of being bedridden for hours while the antihistamines took hold and relieved the symptoms. A friend who knew of my suffering referred me to a Homeopathic practitioner. After two remedies I was “allergie free” and have been ever since. I was so impressed with my experience I made an appointment for my teenage son who was badly affected by acne. Again in a matter of a couple of appointments and treatments his acne cleared.

For the past 10 years I have been seeing Christa Armstrong with similar success. My first appointment was to treat my episodes of gout. It seems that with the first remedy I was symptom free and continue to enjoy a gout free life. Christa has also treated me successfully with other minor ailments. I have been so impressed with my results that I have referred friends to Christa as well and they too speak of the positive experience.”

– Ted

“I suffered for almost 3 decades from headaches including migraine headaches which started after a traumatic experience. I would have a headache and migraine 2 or 3 times a week and a migraine could last for 2 days. After taking a homeopathic remedy, the headaches and migraines immediately subsided. I feel happier and free. I can do so much more.”

– Woman, 49 years old