Consulting with Colleagues

I offer Consulting Services to colleagues, experienced practitioners as well as Homeopaths who just start their practice. Homeopathic students are welcome.

“Discussing health conditions and their dynamics as well as remedies with Christa is a delight. Not only does she know her remedies thoroughly, she can feel them also. Her desire to always understand old remedies better and to include new remedies in her repertoire makes her an invaluable source of inspiration, knowledge and ideas when it comes to finding new ways of opening up a case. Besides her extensive knowledge of Materia Medica and her amazing skill of using different methodologies of analysis in order to arrive at the correct prescription, she also maintains unspoiled intuitive abilities that helps her to come up with solutions beyond what purely mental analysis could provide. When I heard that she will offer her advice and support to other homeopaths, I was excited. This is the most precious gift an experienced and successful practitioner can offer to the homeopathic community. This is exactly what colleagues need, mentors who enjoy practicing Homeopathy”.

Dr. Roland Gunther, PhD
MD(Germany), Homeopath
Victoria, BC

What I appreciate in Christa’s role as mentor/support to me:

Like a good homeopathic interview, my conversations with Christa feel spacious; there’s ample room to move and explore, and to go where I need to go. Christa has over 10 years of clinical experience, a deep understanding of many remedies – including the lesser-known ones – and a flexible approach to case taking. In reaching that innermost sensation in the case, Christa trusts her intuition and encourages me to trust mine. Most of all, her love and enthusiasm for homeopathy and for a “beautiful prescription” is infectious, and I come away feeling refreshed and inspired.

Margo MacLaren